This top-notch lesbian vid kicks off with some solo masturbation from a pounding big fatty. This tramp goes beyond the level of “plumper” – she’s pounding oversize! Of course, along with an excessive amount of body fat comes a massive pair of natural boobs, and you’ll love watching them bounce as she roughly fingers her own hole. Then she hooks up with another equally fat lady on the balcony; the divas lie down on the warm, sundrenched tiles and lick each others’ slits. After the mutual oral 69 action, the sweeties spread their legs in a scissor-like fashion, probing their shaved cunts together until they’ve both orgasmed. These fatties ejaculate hard!

Kamille Amora – Porn Virgin

Porn Virgin

Kamille Amora just did a boobs & Tugs. That was a warm-up for this main event. Seattle’s finest 36I-cup bra-buster Kamille is a sex virgin no more after starring in this cherry-poppin’ scene. She’s gone to a swingers’ club in Las Vegas, but starring in a sex scene is a completely different experience. A dancer back home, Kamille gives Largo a quality lap grinder until he can take no more of her soft, spankable butt rubbing his junk.

He whips out his boner for Kamille to suck on and slip between her big boobs. She gives him a stunning blow job. Kamille says she’s into tit-screwing back home and it shows. Those massive boobs can hide any size dick. Kamille may be new at sex on-camera but she has a good grip on things. A nice, tight grip.

“My favorite position is doggie,” says Kamille, who seems to be the loudest when Largo is shoving his big wood into her pink pussy in that position. She’s a vocal, passionate screamer and is really sexy in her first full-sex scene. She also gives good eye-contact.

Even if this sweet babe had never done a sex scene, her awesome body and amazing boobs are a work of art by Mother Nature and she should be proud. We must thank her profusely for putting out and letting everyone enjoy her heavenly gifts in this world premiere. XLGirls employees should not jack at work but in Kamille’s case we might make an exception.

Thank you, Kamille Amora!

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Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits

The “new” Anna Beck. Same Beck greatness. Just much hotter. Anna has a new look. (Compare this to her original shoots.) Raven hair suits her as well as the blonde hair did. The girl is a knock-out. We don’t know what she’s been up to for the past four years. She was sorely missed and it was feared that she had packed up her bras and left the Big Show. And then, like magic, she reappeared and was ready to give it a go again. This time much hotter. She showed her cookie in 2010 but didn’t open it to show the creamy filling, so to speak.

In this pictorial, Anna, looking so good in a tight, low-cut dress, measures herself both dressed and undressed, tries on a selection of European bras. (Anna is a shopping assistant, by the way.) After the bras are examined, worn and commented on, Anna plays with her big boobs and wet pussy. Change is good and even better when it’s change like this? What will be next in store for Anna?

Anna is yet another idol who wants to try skydiving. This must be the number one personal goal for most of the models here, second only to doing a boy-girl scene.

When Anna wants to relax, she likes to walk her dog, read books and socialize with a group of friends. She doesn’t think she has any special talents. We respectfully disagree!

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Roxy Blaze, Nikki Santana

Chunky beauties need some loving too! In this sexy girl on girl clip, ethnic plumper Nikki Santana gets it on with top heavy blond stunner Roxy Blaze. These beauties are sexy and horny, and they’ve got no qualms about getting the climaxs they need from each other. First they each pull off their clothes, wowing each other with their lovely curvaceous bodies and oversize and heavy tits. Then the toys come out, and Nikki takes her turn at pleasuring Roxy’s dripping hole with a purple vibrator. Once she has brought the blond to a screaming climax, she takes the toy, turning it on to Nikki’s slippery hole and making her scream in pleasure.

Aimee Jackson – New Discovery

New Discovery

XL Men, our latest discovery is also the girl of our stickiest wet dreams. Her name is Aimee Jackson, and she’s a 27-year mature massage therapist from Kansas City, Missouri. Missouri is also known as the “Show Me State,” making it the perfect place for Aimee to call home because we couldn’t be happier that Aimee is here showing us her 34H-cup boobs.

“I find the attention I get because of my boobs fun,” Aimee told us. “If I catch guys, and sometimes girls, staring too long I’ll clench one of my fists and go under my boobs to intentionally bounce them. I always get a great reaction.”

If the reaction is anything less than a standing ovation, we’ll have to give the citizens of Kansas City credit for their restraint.

This is Aimee’s first time doing modeling of any kind, but she’s a natural in front of the camera. Her bright smile lit up the bedroom we shot this picture set in, and she’s as sexual and sensual as any girl we’ve shot.

“I’ve always been a really sensual person,” Aimee said. “I think that’s why I got into massage therapy. I love bodies–men and women–and working with them and the oils is a lot of fun for me. I’ve been told I have an amazing touch.”

It must feel like being touched by a big-boobed angel.

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Slippery Mirror Fun

How many ways can a big-busted, curvy honey use a mirror when she’s taking pictures? You will see several ways in this picture spread with one of the latest and greatest arrivals at The SCORE Group, Kamille Amora, all the way from the Pacific Northwest. The I-cup newcomer made the jump from girl-alone to boobs & Tugs to an all-in sexalicious scene (“sex Virgin”) within one month.

Kamille has sensitive nipples and wide areolae. “I hear that with a lot of girls with big boobs, their nipples aren’t sensitive, but mine are. What’s unfortunate is that my nipples stay hard all day. Fortunate for other people but not fortunate for me because I’m walking around with hard nipples all day. But it looks good, I’m sure.” Agreed, Kamille!

It’s a challenge for Kamille to find the right bra that fits and doesn’t hurt after a wearing it for a few hours. A common issue with very big-boobed girls.

“I either go to Lane Bryant or I have to get them custom-made. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I can get them at Lane Bryant. I’m not so big around my ribcage so it’s kind of hard to get them from Lane sometimes. They make bras for larger women, and I’m only 36 inches around my ribcage, which isn’t big.”

Kamille is very flexible. (She’s a former cheerleader.) You’ll see some sensational shots of her flexing her stuff in this pictorial. We love ‘em!

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Belane, Nevil

plump tart Belane is desperate for a wang! She can’t wait to show off her curvaceous frame for older gentleman Nevil, who watches in admiration as she flants her assets in front of him. Then she literally pounces on his shaft, pushing him back on to his chair and mouthing on his erect rod. Once she’s got it nice and hard, he doesn’t get a chance to get up; she just pushes him down with her superior weight, manhandling him until his penis is inside her slutty pussy! She grinds on the tool like her life depends on it, working it until she feels the first dribble of precum filling her hairy slot. She takes the rest in her mouth.

Get The Beck Body Check

You’ve probably heard of the term “bedroom eyes.” It’s when a sexy babe–and super-big boobed Anna Beck certainly qualifies–gives you that certain sultry look that just makes you want to pounce. That’s the look Anna, she of the M-cup mams, has painted on her pretty face as we open this picture set. Her tatas are pouring out of her over-matched pink top, and her come-fuck-me smile couldn’t be more inviting. And right now, we’re sure XL Men worldwide are making themselves comfortable as this eminently jackable sweetie slowly peels off her clothes.

Anna has always been a tease, and she’s in rare form in this pictorial. She flicks and licks her erect nipples, her eyes never breaking eye contact with the camera. Soon, Anna pulls out her new favorite toy. A black double-ended toy. A girl like her needs all the dick she can get.

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Harley Ann – Cute & Sexy

Cute & Sexy

Meet Harley Ann, a new babe at XLGirls.com and a real sweetie pie with 40DD boobs. Even our cameraman used the phrase “sweetie pie” when he met Harley.

Harley Ann is a bartender in Florida. When she’s not getting people drunk on booze and her boobs, she is at the beach with her friends having fun or doing some outdoor Florida activity. She likes to go to sporting events and loves football.

“I normally like to wear a tight dress with a deep V-neck or a tight Tee. I love my big boobs and I like to show them off.” That’s great self-confidence and we applaud her. We also applauded when Harley Ann took off her clothes.

A girl you’d like to squeeze and motorboat? You betcha. That’s Harley Ann. Check out her boner bonus photos and movie. In the movie, Harley chats about her interests and what she likes to do. You’ll love her!

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It’s a plumper fuck-a-thon, but the only people that are going to be better off will be Char-Lee Red, Sexy Virgo and Hugh Blackner. They’re going to make this back room their bitch, by screwing all over the place. Mostly a pov scene, these two fatties are working this dick like it’s the only way they’re ever going to get a cake again. Riding it, sucking it and rubbing their boobs all over it to keep it hard and bouncing. The only thing that seems to be missing is a cumshot to bring everything together.