Gaborne, Tibor, Gabor

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Two innocent dark pieces of candy with massive boobs go wild on each other in this carpet muncher episode. These whores love each others huge boobs and they suck them, play with them, smother themselves and slap each other with them. It’s like getting face fucked, but with boobs instead of a meatstick. The dark models then get down to business and start using their tongues on the fat pussy lips in gentle rhythmic motions trying to get it to submit to an orgasm. The attention never fully leaves the tits though because ith these massive boob wonders its all about the large racks.

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Alana Gets A Facial

Alana Lace is a filthy girl. And we couldn’t be more complimentary when we say that. Being a sweet DDD-cup sex doll will get you pretty far around these parts. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a hotter fuck buddy than Alana. Our good friend and veteran cocksman, Seth Diamond, is about to experience this firsthand.

“I’m pretty insatiable,” Alana said. “I like to play with girls and boys, because why not enjoy the best of both worlds? I can be dominant or passive when I’m with a guy, but I’m always assertive when I’m with a girl. So, yeah, you can manhandle me a bit. Or maybe I’ll use your dick as my new favorite sex toy. You’ll never know which version of Alana you’re going to get when I’m screwing a guy.”

We’ll take any and all versions of this ridiculously sexy and horny Sunshine State sweetie. Today, Seth is getting the dominant version of Alana. And we can’t help but feel a little jealous of this lucky bastard. Alana is renowned for her dick-sucking skills, and this babe unleashes every bit of her expert tonsil torque. She takes every inch of Seth’s manhood into her mouth and down her throat in this wet and sloppy romp. She stuffs his dick between her fleshy boobs, too, and we’re pretty impressed Seth didn’t blow a big load onto those perfect naturals. What a champ.

“I take pride in my dick-sucking,” Alana told us. “I’ve had a lot of guys say I’m the best, and it always makes me smile when I hear that.”

She sure does know how to prep a dick for her pussy. So Seth gives Alana the type of hard, no-holds-barred, all-hands-on-deck, leave-her-pussy-sore-and-dripping-wet sex a curvy, dick-thirsty girl deserves. Alana cums a handful of times in this sizzling sexy scene, and when these two are done, she’s left with a mouthful of man-juice, too.

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Cutest Girl There Is

“What a big stunning woman. I love seeing those curves in motion!” ” Very stunning, sweet sexy woman. Very much the wife and mommy type. Love her boobs. Could get lost in them.” “I love her thick body and creamy thighs.”

These are a few member comments about CJ Woods by her appreciators at CJ Woods is a southern blonde milf (so the mommy comment is spot on) with a honey-sweet voice and a creamy, soft body meant to sink into. CJ creates hard wood! “I’m domesticated,” says CJ. “I like to cook, decorate cakes, sew and do arts and crafts.” Plenty of guys at XL Girls would like to set up house with CJ.

And CJ can play the piano, something she didn’t mention until our picture staff set up this location and she noticed the piano. Listen to her tickle the ivories in the movie before she tickles her pussy lips and pussy.

Now CJ is fulfilling a longtime goal and fantasy by fulfilling the fantasies of XL Girls members. She also has a “fetish” we don’t see that often here. “I like to use my feet when I have sex because I think I have sweet feet.” Every inch is sweet.

CJ’s first magazine appearance is in XL Girls Spring 2015 edition. This issue will co-star Kimmie Kaboom, Alaura Grey, Dulcinea, Suzumi Wilder, Liza Biggs, Anna Beck and Scarlet Monroe.

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Lenka P – XL Xtra 4

XL Xtra 4

Lenka didn’t have that long a time as a sexy idol but what she did made her the covergirl of XL Xtra #4. It turned out to be more of a fling than a career. Our man in the Czech Republic found Lenka a lot of fun and easy on the eye. At 211 pounds, 46-34-38 and 5’7″ tall, Lenka was a real handful of a woman, a brick-shithouse who answered our casting call for fuck bunnies. Lenka turned up and proved she could handle horny screwing positions and big dick with ease, smiling all the time and very upbeat. Lenka needed a strong man to take charge and George did her right, stud-servicing her pussy and mouth. He drilled her good and dropped a load on her big, fat boobs.

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