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Awesome Antica

Can’t get enough of newcomer Antica and her big boobs? Neither can your XLGirls staff. Here she is again in an all-new set and matching movie plus her first chat in a separate movie. Today is proclaimed Antica Day at XLGirls.

Antica says she was not the bustiest girl in school but this admission seems hard to believe, with all due respect. She has a pair of the greatest hangers. If our photographer hadn’t spotted Antica outside his apartment building and ran over to her with a pitch about posing, she would not be at XLGirls. At first, she was extremely hesitant. Antica had never posed for a photographer before. She even thought he was trying to pick her up. He could see that her top shelf, even covered up, was extra-large. As is written, faint heart never won fair maiden.

Antica’s wrapped up watching the Olympics ice skating events on television (she ice skates herself) but no doubt she’ll log-on to XLGirls to look at her photos and videos. Thank you, Antica.

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Taylor Juggs, Devlin Weed

Taylor is one sexy lady and she is aching for some hard shlong. She goes to her bedroom where her vibrator waits for her on the bed. She plays with herself, inserting the cool plastic meatstick into her firm muff. She licks the juice from its length then continues to pleasure herself. Devlin’s car pulls up and he walks into the house to find her in this compromising position. She drops to her knees and sucks on his meaty penis. They move to the bed and she sucks away while he sticks the vibrator in her. Then he gives her the real thing, pounding her hard from behind as she cries out. She sucks the jizz off his dick which mixes with her own juices.

A Busty Anal Slave For Two Men

Nikky Wilder is trapped, a prisoner of her own erotic desires and the domination of two human beasts. They bind her hands, they leash her neck, and they begin their ravishment. Many women enjoy reading novels about BDSM relationships and flings. Nikky is about to live it out for real. What will happen?

This is the wildest Nikky Wilder scene to date. Each man has his way with their nubile slave, sucking and slapping her big boobs, spreading open and finger-screwing her pussy and butthole, and then screwing her pussy and butt. Their rough handling brings out another side of Nikky, one who is totally submissive to the domination of these ramrods. She is their living doll to control and to sex up in any way they please.

Her moaning only escalates as they take turns screwing her. Nikky’s face is flushed. Being taken in the butt as another roughneck gags her throat with his dick transports her into another dimension of twisted lust! And there’s more ahead of her. She is their captive.

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Star Staxx, Christian XXX

Goth fatty, Star Staxx enters the Cash for Chunkers program – a social service barely disguised as a place for horny trainers to pound out their plumper fetishes. Star looks pretty damn sexy for a plumper, sporting all sorts of black magic sexy tats. Christian’s eyes are fixated on Star’s chest tattoo and her hefty titties! It’s not long before she starts snacking on his penis as she fingers her plump vagina. All that fat must’ve pushed her insides tight because when Christian finally parts the seas of celluluite and bangs that beaver, he finds its tight as BANG and after some deep strokes, he lasers his cream ropes straight down Star’s starving throat!

Crystal Clear, Naughtya

It’s obvious that these enormous ebony fatties don’t really get much sex! They’re quite shy about getting nude with one another, barely making eye contact as they start to suck on each others’ nipples and then lick their slightly hairy pussies. However, after they have both cum a couple of times they soon lose their inhibitions! The girls masturbate each other with their fingers, tongues and dildos and they also spend a lot of time masturbate themselves while they look at each other in the eye in a sensual fashion. It’s obvious that these girls like to enjoy a visual show as well as the squealing, sticky girl on girl pleasure!

Haitian Beauty, Blaque Foxx

Teedra Diora, Jon Q.

Sashaa Juggs, Sonny Nash

Super chunky bitch, Sashaa juggs is borderline morbidly obese. I mean, there’s just no way around that. This chubscout is more interested in her trainer’s hard dick than she is about working out. But her eyes and appetite light up when they get back to his place and she easily seduces him with her GIANT knockers. Sonny sucks on one fat jumbo tit as Sashaa, now salivating, digs his wang out of his pants and stuffs it in her mouth like a king-sized eggroll. Then, she spreads her mounds of cellulite apart so Sonny can find her fuckhole and with a powerful thrust, he pounds his manhood in the fatty muff nest that is Sashaa’s aching pussy!

Crystal Clear, Sledge Hammer

Crystal is a very hefty ebony slut with jumbo titties and an even larger backside. She lays on the couch and plays with herself, licking her fingers and acting all sexy. A guy then walks in with a giant dickhead and she starts blowing him down deep. She then gets on top and starts riding him hard. Her large rump is jiggling around and she moans loudly. He then takes her from behind, her rump being lifted up and his penis entering deep into her fuckhole. She tity bangs him for awhile before he rams her tight beaver again until she moans loudly and comes hard. He then takes her from behind and pulls out to ejaculate all over her massive chest.

She Screams For Man-Cream!

Why does Nikki love to eat ice cream so much? Maybe it’s because it’s sweet and delicious, or maybe it’s because it reminds her of man-cream. “Some people only crave ice cream on sexy summer days. But I have a real sweet tooth. I want that delicious, creamy stuff all the screwing time. My favorite thing to do is go home with a pint of ice cream and let it sit out so it warms up a little. That way, I can eat it in front of my lover and it will run all down my chin and boobs. It’s a preview of what’s to come when we fuck.”

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