Mo Azz, Byron Long

Mo Azz is an aptly named black plumper babe, and she knows exactly how to get a guy’s attention. She brings in her luggage and bends over in front of Byron Long. He looks kind of tired at first, but seeing that butt right in his face is making him pop a boner like no other. He is stiff as a board and happy as hell with the view, although he also wants to make sure that he gets to slam his meat deep into that cunt. He just loves feeling the way she wraps around his dick, and her plump body is even more attractive as it bounces around.

Milk Those Tits

Doctors say including milk in your diet can help build strong bones, and we couldn’t agree more. Melissa Mandlikova, who many of you may recognize from now-classic DVDs like big boobed Riding Academy and Hooter Hotel, is now a glowing mother with healthy milk-filled boobs and we’ve got raging boners in our pants because of it. A SCORE Girl prior to her pregnancy, we couldn’t be happier to welcome her to XL Girls. Her boobs, which were always delectable are now mouth-watering. Her boobs are softer and heavier than ever, but are still remarkably perky after giving birth.

“My boobs are very sensitive now,” Melissa told us. “I love to play with and squeeze them now.”

It’s a sweet day in the park, but we can’t take our eyes off of Melissa’s sweet boobs. When she squeezes her boobs, droplets of milk begin to leak from her tasty naturals. Here at XL Girls we’ve always known that milk does a body good, but it’s more apparent here than ever. We’re sticklers for getting our daily requirement of calcium, and we’d gladly lap up every drop from Melissa’s mams. And our strong bones would leave her extra-sticky.

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Anna Beck – Beckoning Boobs

Beckoning Boobs

Watching a idol grow more comfortable in front of the camera is one of our favorite things. Some girls–like Anna Beck–are new to modeling and still a bit shy when they begin so they stick to solos at the start. But as the lights begin to flash, their boobs begin to bounce and their pussies spread, many of them grow more confident and ready for more. Again, Anna Beck is one of those girls.

Anna first graced our hallowed halls of boobs back in 2010 at the tender age of 22. She was blonde, bright-eyed and boasted plush 38G naturals. Simply baring her boobs and sweet, pink pussy was enough of a thrill at the time. It was enough for us, too, but saying we were thrilled when Anna contacted us about coming back and shooting hardcore would be an understatement.

We posted Anna’s hardcore debut last month to rave reviews from the Brotherhood of XL Men. “Anna, I am crazy for you,” one user wrote. “I had been waiting a long time, hoping to see you in a boy-girl scene. You are the best I have seen ever!”

We’ll never forget Anna’s first time, but today she’s back to remind us that she can get us off just as hard when it’s just her, her heavy naturals, juicy pussy, seductive eyes and our own throbbing, hard cocks. Pouring out of her lavender dress, her boobs beckoning for a motorboat, we can see that Anna’s definitely not shy anymore.

Oh, and for those of you looking forward to Anna’s next hardcore scene, it’s coming later this month. Be on the lookout for it.

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Aimee's Oily Bod

Things always get a bit steamy and sticky when a girl like Aimee Jackson is around. This big boobed babe from Kansas City is a licensed massage therapist who says she’s addicted to touch. She’s accustomed to firmly but gently rubbing oil into the bodies of her patrons to relieve their stress, but today, Aimee gets to treat herself to a deep tissue massage. After a long day of shooting, Aimee bathes her heavy H-cup naturals in baby oil and you can feel her growing more aroused.

“Playing with my boobs is one of the best ways to get me horny,” she said. “I love when a man sucks on my boobs and nibbles on my nipples. I get horny thinking about it.”

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Chocolate Nights, Ray Black

It’s obvious from her demeanor that big ebony fatty Chocolate Nights hasn’t had any decent tool for a long, long time. She can’t wait to strip off and show off her fat rolls for stud Ray Dark before she pounces on his semierect rod. Compared to muscular but slim Ray, Chocolate is probably about three times his weight. She sucks on that dong with a real hunger She also insists on getting on top and riding her guy in a surprisingly athletic fashion. Finally she gets tired, lying face down on the mattress while Ray drills her from the back. Then he creams on her face!

Carmen Hayes, Lola Lane

It’s been a long and stressful week, and now it’s time for big boobed black tarts Carmen Hayes and Lola Lane to blow some steam off! The two incredibly well endowed girls strip off on the bed, getting out their respectively oversize jugs. Both of these girls have got superb, sagging dark naturals! The sweeties kiss each other on the lips, with Carmen leading the way, going down on Lola and tonguing her sweet black cunt. The oral sex goes both ways, punctuated with bouts of slutty toy pumping as the divas try to drill each other to multiple orgasms. They alternate back and forth, pleasuring each other with both their lips and their toys.

Mizz Fantastik, Super Star XXX

Chocolate Nights, Charlly Moore

Nobody Does It Like Sara

Saying nobody does it like Sara is an understatement. Though it’s been less than a year since her debut, Sara has already done it all and fucked a lot–much to the delight of XL Men worldwide. Already one of our hottest new girls, it’s always great to have her back. Especially when Sara is screwing. She has a dick-lust not found too often. Even around these parts. She’s a sensual, take charge girl, too… something we like in a girl. Something we know our buddy Thomas Lee will appreciate.

“I am 50-50,” Sara said when we asked her if she was more passive or assertive. “Sometimes I need my man to take control, but sometimes I want to be in charge. To dominate him.”

That’s just what Sara and Thomas do in this steamy pictorial. Thomas starts by fondling her tits before going down on Sara’s juicy pussy. Then Sara pulls out Thomas’ now-throbbing dick and tugs and sucks until he can’t hold out any longer and he’s got to fuck Sara’s cunt. Sara says she doesn’t work out much, so screwing as often as possible is how she keeps her figure and FF-cup boobs looking magnificent.

“I have sex almost every day,” she said. “If I don’t, I feel upset and anxious. sex is my favorite thing to do.

We can see that, Sara. Check out the even hotter movie to see how much she enjoys a good fuck.

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Alana Lace – Alone With Alana

Alone With Alana

Alana Lace has a body that won’t stop and 40DDD super big boobs that can drive a man nuts. She is one of the sexiest girls to ever walk into the XL Girls studio. There is no on-and-off switch to her sex appeal. She is like this on- and off-camera. There is no difference between the girl in the videos and photos and the girl in everyday mode.

Our advice is to listen to the movie version of this pictorial because this is a girl who naturally has a voice made for phone sex. A sultry, sex-kitten purr. She’s made for mutual masturbation by phone…if you couldn’t be in her bedroom to jump on her and have crazy-sexy sex.

Alana said she loves oral sex while she’s being fingered. She needs dick at least three times a week and she gets off on being tied-up and restrained. The fantasy of danger makes her cream. “I have some pretty wild fantasies,” says Alana, who’s always horny and wanting to cum.

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