Tia Davis

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Jasmine, Dwayne Cummings

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Lady Spyce, Nathan Threat

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Shadow Cat, Cherry Bomb

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Gia Regency, Roxy Blaze

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Sindee Williams, Dave Hardman

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Erica Moore, Jeremy Steele

Some sex scenes make viewers nervous. This one starts off with way too pretty Erica Moore sucking dick very well and your dick may think “uh-oh, there’s no way she is going to take it that hard!”

Ms New Bootie, Rico Strong

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Lady Snow, Rock

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A View To A Shag

Samantha Sanders is sexy. She needs a guy to take care of her. Her boy-toy is late for the show and Sam is getting impatient as she waits in bed. When he finally arrives, he gives Sam the shagging she’s been gagging for. This dude has never had a woman with boobs this big. Sam’s 34JJ jugs are splaying, jiggling and bouncing wildly as he drills her hard and makes her cum several times. When they’re fucked-out, he fucks Sam’s huge boobs and glazes them. Good times.

We asked Sam to describe in detail one of the greatest sexual experiences of her entire life and she was happy to.

“This was on holiday in Cuba and was in fact with the manager of the hotel I stayed at,” Sam remembered. “He was sweet and the sex was amazing. We had sex in the swimming pool, on the beach and in the nightclub. I started dancing with him to a slow song in the nightclub and we ended up walking to the beach. He fucked me in every position and it was mind-blowing. He made me orgasm over and over again. His hands, tongue and dick were amazing!”

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