Melinda, Shane

Every farmer knows you try to stay prepared for everything and Shane is that kind of guy. While out on a walk on the farm he spies a very large woman hiding in the trees. He takes one look at her and remembers how long its been since he had a woman and pulls out a side of bacon from his pouch and convinces her to suck on the dick in exchange for some bacon! Who can turn down bacon? This woman certainly can’t so away she goes giving this horny dude exactly what he wants in exchange for a hearty meal.

Nikki Santana, Tessa

voluptuous plus sized hotties Nikki Santana and Tessa go back to one of their houses after school, still dressed in their outfits from cheerleading class. As the sluts are relaxing, they start talking about boys and sex, and soon they’re fooling around. These cunt hungry whores waste no time in getting fully nude on the floor, tonguing and fingering each others’ bald and juicy holes. Both girls carry around their favorite sex toy in their backpack, so they get them out and use them on each other, telling each other exactly how they like their pussies to be pleasured. They end up butt to butt, both enjoying a double ended toy.

Black Beauty, Byron Long

A thick and luscious ebony babe has on fishnet stockings and a black bra and thong. Standing outside in the sunshine she shakes her butt and bounces her boobs before heading into the house to meet Byron Long, he strips off his clothes and she gets on her knees taking his flaccid member into her mouth. As she deep throats his shaft, he dick becomes harder and harder until he is stiff enough to ram her from behind. He flips her on to her back and pushes her legs back with his thighs as he bangs her juicy pussy. When she climbs on top to ride him, she quickly brings him to the peak and swallows his warm skeet.

Francini, Linette Thieno

This sexy carpet muncher plumper action takes place poolside with ethnic girls, Francini and Linette Thieno. The taller, bustier half of this stunning carpet muncher coupling, gets cunt orally pleasured first by the submissive Linette. These sizzling sexy latinas get set to fuck right on the lounge chair, fondling each others’ thickness and loving every filthy second of it! Linette uses her stand-out toy skills to open up Francini’s shaved vag so much that you can see that pussy grease up with juice when Linette is banging her out!

Mz. Behave, Dwayne Cummings

Dwayne can hardly believe how much woman is crammed into one body as the sexy Mz Behave lulls abound next to him on the bed. She gets him to relax by blowing on his manhood, chewing up and down like it was a wet corn cob. She carefully climbs on top of his precious shlong and he is surprised at how delicate and firm her cooche feels amidst all that flab. She grinds away on his penis, rocking about and having a great time. She sucks that dick again, tasting the tang of her own vagina then he splits her legs apart and takes control. She pulls the fat rolls back from her fuckhole so he can penetrate deeper, then he covers her boobs with his sticky sexy cum.

Bustin' Into The Office

If Channel Sweets worked in your office, you’d be getting there extra early and working overtime for free. In her encore scene, Channel channels the “Mad Men” era of girdles, bullet bras, stockings and tight skirts and tops, a time when office Romeos could harass women at work, drink booze on the job, take naps and get away with it.

What would they have said to Channel, decked out to kill as she worked as a secretary? Probably something like the pick-up some guy actually laid on her, “I don’t have a library card but can I check you out anyway?”

“I enjoy being licked and kissed everywhere,” Channel says about what she likes during a sexy date. “Being eaten out while I am being fingered. I also love to give oral. I always swallow cum. Why waste it?”

34H-cupper Channel is from Charlotte, North Carolina and she’s a milf with three kids. How many dates does it take before Channel might give it up? “Three dates,” says Channel who is no pushover. “Three different dates.” She’s obviously worth the wait for that third date!

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Rowan Lamark, Melissa

Chunky fuck dolls, Melissa and Rowan Lamark are a plumper fan’s moist dream! These two scale-shattering babes have massive, thick legs and guts that would rival even most enthusiastic of couch potatoes. They take off their bra and panties and even more rolls and flab roll out. The sluttier of the two, Rowan Lamark lifts up one large thunder thigh so Melissa can slide her fuck toy right in her poon. These tramps lose more calories banging in lesbian ways than they ever would normally.

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Milk Shaker, Snapps

Light skinned black plumper girl Snapps brought her case full of goodies to this party, and she was steaming up because she was horny as hell! She rubbed some lotion on her thick body, and all over those meaty titties of hers, making her brown nipples stand out. That got her so horny that she pulled out her thick toy from her bag and plunged it inside of her pussy! When Milk Shaker saw what she was doing, her pussy started dripping down her leg, and she decided to give her a helping hand with that toy. They took turns screwing each other with it, and then went butt to butt and pussy to pussy to put that double dong to good use.

Farrah Foxx, Devlin Weed

black plumper Farrah Foxx is truly banging enormous! She begins this clip dressed in a sexy ebony slip and she obviously has a thing for massive weiner dude Devlin Weed. She throws herself at him, trailing one hand from his chest down to his groin and massaging his shlong. Devlin is unconvinced, so she spreads her legs and shows off her wet slit, sealing the deal! Devlin pulls out his penis and Farrah unashamedly goes down on him, choking and slobbering all over the penis. Then she lies back and Devlin drills her hard and deep, stuffing her tight cunt full of the black rod that she craves. A messy facial cumshot finishes this plumper sex movie.