Sunshine, Honey

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Brenda Black, Yildiz

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Sasha Brabuster, Kato Kalin

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Farrah Foxx, Rock The Icon

Mel, Tree

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For Her Thighs Only

Writes Balazs, “She is awesome. I am wondering how a girl can represent this kind of perfection in terms of face and figure!” Mia Sweetheart is a Romanian newcomer to XL Girls. Becoming a idol has given her the way to express herself. She enjoys the attention. She started as a cam girl and now Mia is an XL Girl.

XLGirls: Mia, did you do any sightseeing in Prague during your XL shoots?

Mia: Yes, on the last day we got to go out and have a walk around the center of the city. I got some souvenirs for my friends and family back home. It is a very stunning city!

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Mia: I always see guys checking out my boobs. I usually wear tight T-shirts and I catch them staring. It’s fun because I know they wish they could see them out of the clothes.

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Mia: I do not drive but seat belts are no fun for a big boobed girl. My friends do make fun of me and say that their cars get two extra air bags anytime I’m in their cars.

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Tamara, Tomi

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