Making the fat slut scream

There’s no soft and gentle action when this babe gets some dick in her aching love hole. She only wants her screwing to come hard and rough and that’s just the way she gets it in the dirty action we’ve got for you here. Winona is one sexy bitch and knowing that you’re gonna see this made her fuck even harder so come on in and watch the slut in action.

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XL Girls Legends

It took a long time to bring Devin Taylor to XL Girls and voluptuous. Devin only shot for two studios and TSG was one of the two. The praise for this now legendary idol ( Devin Does South Beach on DVD) was as overflowing as her 38GG bra. Knowing that she retired from modeling was a downer.

"Devin is the hottest woman to hit your pages. Devin has such a killer smile and gives 'Great Face' in her photos. She never has that blank look like most of the models do. Devin makes love to the camera. I love her original faces and poses and she looks like she is really having a good time showing it all off for us. I have all her layouts and her DVD."

"All I gotta say is Devin Taylor is an absolute Goddess. I love how confident and open she is about herself. She oozes sex appeal. She knows just how stunning big women really are."

"Devin is so incredibly sexy looking she makes my mouth water. She has so much to offer the audience, from her sexy toes to her incredibly good looks. You can't go wrong with a girl like her."

"I’m actually pretty shy in real life," Devin once told us, a comment that was surprising to hear come from her lips. "I get compliments on my smile." Indeed, one of Devin's most popular assets was her beamer of a smile, a genuine, happy expression that knocked guys out. The result of that welcoming smile was a desire to see more of her. She was habit-forming. Addictive.

"I wear a lot of skirts, short tops," Devin said about the way she dressed. "Not too many v-necks because I get stared at. There’s that idea that if you have big tits, you’re trampy or looking for attention, but I’ve had them all my life! And it drives me crazy when people think because I have big boobs that I’m deaf. Guys, if I’m walking by and you say, 'Look at those boobs,' I can hear you! It would be nice if you said I had pretty eyes or something. Modeling is getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear pretty clothes and makeup and high heels. "

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Twilight Starr, Sledge Hammer

Fatty Twilight Starr is pounding giant – so it’s fair she’s got a large manhood to play with in this sexy plumper sex movie! She gets picked up right off the street by stud Sledge Hammer, and he takes her back to his home gym to get her sexy and horny. She works out on the exercise equipment, then Sledge tells her to strip and lie down for a massage. It’s been a while since this chunker felt the touch of a real guy, and she loves those hands all over her body. Soon this turns to mutual oral sex and then some hardcore meatstick pumping! Twilight gets on top and really works that prick!

Roxy Blaze, Tony Tedeschi

You might not like plump sluts personally, but you know what – they can give the best head in the world. If you aren’t so sure about this, you really should watch this scene. It lets you see exactly what this plump starlet can do when she gets her lips around her husband’s member. In fact, she even beats out the two coeds that were trying to slurp up his cum just a few seconds ago. Even if you don’t personally like bigger women, once thing is for sure – Roxy Blaze is a power of sex nature that you have to see at least once.

pussy or dick – these luscious ebony BBWs love it all! Amber Swallows and Niki Starr have certainly got more cushion for the pushin, and they look outstanding in their slutty and revealing fishnet outfits. That whorish lingerie doesn’t hide their assets at all – it just accentuates their curves! Both whores go down on ripped and dirtywhite pornstar Hugh Blackner, also taking turns sitting on his face and just about crushing the stud underneath their bulk. The girls also love to eat each others’ wet pussies, kneeling down behind each other to gobble each others’ snatches and butt cracks while they go down on lucky Hugh.

Three's Company

Klaudia Kelly is a dream girl and that’s a fact, Jack. Every inch of her should be worshipped. And that’s the game plan for Klaudia when Sergio and Tony Rubino enter to party down with her at XL Girls. First, she treats them to a twerking butt show. The sexy sight of her bubble butt bouncing and jiggling is an automatic erection magnet.

How to handle this stunning doll? First by praying before her butt and giving thanks for this gift. Then by taking sides. Man #1 gives Klaudia a stiffie to suck and lick hands-free while man #2 fills her tight cunt from behind and thrusts deep into her.

Then the X-Men tag-team her and switch up. Klaudia’s sexy mouth is occupied by someone’s dick at all times and so is the blonde sweetie‘s squeezing pussy.

Klaudia’s coveted butt hole is not neglected. It would be sacrilege to leave her lovely butt pipe all alone. This too must be fucked. Penetrating Klaudia’s end zone is part of the plan. The clock is ticking as their cocks take a licking.

When it comes to raw sex, Klaudia knows all the tricks, maneuvers and moves in the playbook of passion. All three get high on lust as their bed bouncing brawl escalates to a wet and messy climax. The guys are too exhausted to high five. They’ve just tackled one of the best. Time to hit the showers. The final score: Klaudia 2, Guys 0. All three win.

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Trinety Guess – Sex Education

Sex Education

big boobed girl? Check. White, see-through top? Check. Sexy, thick-rimmed and slightly nerdy glasses? Check. A girl like Trinety Guess doesn’t need much (if any) help to look sexy, but she knocked our socks off with this little outfit. She looks like the sexy girl in school your milf would tell you to stay away from, but your dad would high-five you for banging.

“I’ve always loved showing off my chest,” Trinety says. “I got a lot of attention in school because of it. I even had to be sent home a few times. That never stopped me from showing off my chest, though.”

We’re glad it didn’t because now Trinety has the confidence to do naughty things for the jerking pleasure of plumper lovers everywhere. Trinety’s body is a fat wonderland of pleasure, and our friend Tony Rubino is the lucky chap who gets to explore the terrain. And he’s ready to give this bodacious babe the fuck of her life.

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Carmella Bing, Lee Stone

Bang jazzercise! Welcome to Lee Stone’s x-rated fat-burning camp where he bangs out fat broads AND gives them a post-workout “protein” shake! Carmella Bing arrives late looking sexy as hell with her enormous cannonball boobs and wide dripping bootie! Lee lays her down on the smith machine, and screws her fat cunny hole making that chunker shed more calories than any goddamn treadmill would!

Delilah Black, Sledge Hammer

Large ‘ol blubbernaut, Delilah Dark is exercising with her beefcake trainer, Sledge out in the woods when she gets angry she’s not seeing instant results. Sledge offers another alternative sexercise that will really get her heart banging in no time. They immediately tear off each others’ clothes when they get back to Sledge’s place. Delilah rides Sledge’s face as he eats out her fat puffy cooche. Then, he stuffs her surprising firm cunt with his wide shlong and pounds away!

Sarah Rae – Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

When you think about XL Girls, Sarah Rae is the type of girl that springs to mind. A bright smile, unbelievably sweet and a Coke-bottle body fit to bear her tremendous boobs. Needless to say, Sarah has developed quite the following over the years, but she hasn’t let it get to her head.

“I’m still just Sarah,” she said. “Having big boobs is part of being me, so it’s great that so many guys appreciate them. But I’m still the same friendly, happy girl I’ve always been, though. Don’t expect any ego trips!”

When you look like Sarah, you’re allowed an ego trip or two. And we’d gladly join her for them. We could use a good vacation with a supernaturally big boobed girl by our side. Another thing that hasn’t changed is Sarah’s sex drive. She’s still as horny as she’s ever been.

“You have to mix things up and keep it exciting,” Sarah said. “Sometimes I’ll just send a guy a pic of me fingering myself or sucking on my boobs. I want to be on your mind as much as possible. I want you to want me.”

No worries there, Sarah.

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